Fabric Find: Amy Butler

Somewhere between the tenth load of laundry I did yesterday and the third sink full of dishes I scrubbed (see Procrastination At Its Finest), I snuck over to the local fabric and sewing store, The Needle Shop.  I had been eyeing this place since we moved here last fall and decided that I was finally ready to actually walk in the store, not just stare longingly at it as we drove by it.

Back in Northwest Ohio, one’s fabric needs were either met by Misters Michaels or Hancock, Miss Joanne or their weird second cousin Hobby Lobby.  What’s that saying about lemons and lemonade?  Anyways, when I walked in The Needle Shop, I felt like Dorothy when she opened that door and the colorful and magical land of Oz lay before her feet.  And Amy Butler was my very own Good Witch of the North.

No, she wasn’t at the store.  Rather, her prints were quite inspiring. Plus they are. to. die. for. For realsies.  It was somewhat dreary in the Windy City yesterday so my eye was drawn towards bright, bold patterns, mixing salmon, lemon yellow, kelly green and an almost Tiffany blue hue.  I went home with four patterns and the plan is to make some sets of coasters.  I will be certain to share the final results.

In the meantime, visit amybutlerdesign.com for your fabric fix.


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