Since I’ve Been Gone.

Since my last post, Summer decided to show up.  And boy, does she know how to make an entrance.  Drama queen.  The temps here in Chicago have been hovering around the low to mid 90’s.  Our apartment does not have central air.  We lost power yesterday afternoon due to the number of ACs running to combat the heat.  Then there are the sudden thunderstorms that pop up out of nowhere.  Fun times.

Also, technology has not been kind to me.  My internet has been spotty at best these past few days, hence the lack of activity on the blog.  That should be fixed this weekend (shakes fist at Comcast).  In good news, I have used this new found free time to get reacquainted with my Singer Protege 2639 .  I should have some new items to share/make available for sale at my Etsy shop in the coming days.  Stay tuned!

Oh yeah, the weekend with the in-laws went very well.  I’ve uploaded a handful of pictures the husband took while showing them Grant Park.  Enjoy.


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  1. cherokeebydesign

    In-laws for a weekend is always something to write about.


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