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Two Pitties In the City

Over the summer, the amount of content that is delivered to me via Google Reader has tripled. Maybe quadrupled. Pretty scientific, huh? It’s an assortment of reflections, photos, recipes, tutorials, news. Basically, it’s as spastic and eclectic as I am.

There are a handful of blogs that when something new from them pops up in my reader, I get giddy. One of them is a little blog called Two Pitties In the City. If you know me in real life, you know I am an unabashed pit bull lover and advocate. Two Pitties is about, well, two large (and can I say adorable?), “pit bull” type dogs called Ms. M and Mr. B. The posts encompass a variety of topics: having large dogs in a very urban environment (ie — small living spaces with no yards), overcoming breed discrimination, the sites, sound and smells they encounter during their walks in west Chicago and more. Mr. B even takes photos that he shares with his readers. It’s light, entertaining and informative reading.

So if you’re looking for something new to read on the interwebs, I can’t recommend Two Pitties In the City enough.


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My Favorite Things (This Week)

I’ve been infected. No, not infected like some of those Losties over on The Island. I have spring fever — bad. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not one of those people who curses cold temps and gray skies. I relish them. The more snow the better. You don’t want to know how many knit hats with ear flaps I own.

There is just something about spring time in the city. After hibernating for months, Chicago comes alive. Free concerts at Pritzker Pavilion. Beer gardens and eating brunch outside. Visits to the dog beach. Did I mention flip flops? I wear a pair from May until September.

How was I able to diagnose my fever? My picks for this week’s “My Favorite Things” post clued me in. Just take a look!

I ❤ this band. One of my favorite parts about my previous career was working with developing labels and bands like these guys. There’s nothing flashy about this video but I think that’s the beauty of it. You really focus on the music and get drawn into the sound. I picture myself driving down Lake Shore Drive, windows down and listening to their self-titled debut (cranked up to 11, of course).


Yellow Branches Reuseable Lunch Bag

I pack my lunch every day. While my snacks are nicely organized (thanks Pyrex!), they get tossed into whatever plastic grocery bag I can find. Usually, it’s a nice white and red Target bag. I think it’s time I invest in something a bit more attractive. What do you think?


Dog Holder Hanger

Thanks to Google Buzz, my friend Michelle shared with me a new blog — Dog Milk. Dog culture PLUS modern design? She knows me too well. This pup can hold more than just a couple of tea bags. He was designed by Soon Mo Kang. My iDog does need a friend…


Rosedbud Belt In Marigold

Apparently I wasn’t the only one who fell in love with this belt. Mere hours after I added it to my list, it was sold out! Visit heartofight’s Etsy shop and browse around.


Spring Chick Necklace

This must be an off week for me. Another Etsy find sold out before I had a chance to purchase.

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Etsy Find of the Day!

This, my friends, is genius.  Genius I say!  An eco-friendly pet bed that reuses your old pillows as well as material recycled from PET containers and post industrial polyester waste.  And it’s adorable.  Be sure to check out anniessweatshop and browse through all the pet related creations she has for sale.

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Paper Nerd Alert!

If I had a million dollars, a decent percentage of that money would be spent on paper goods.  Notebooks, cards, stationary – I love it all.  Always have.  So when I found madebykeli’s Etsy store earlier today, my little heart skipped a beat or two.  This screenprinted set of five cards really caught my eye: Pearl Blue Elephant Fun.  How adorable!

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