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The Hen House is Rockin’ Tonight

*An email conversation with Jeff*

Me: “Would you rather have Mud Hens tickets for tomorrow night or Wednesday? Both games start at 7.”

Jeff: *crickets*

Me: “I grabbed the ones for Wednesday. Hope that works for you!”

Jeff: “Possibly the hottest day of the year.¬† I hope there’s a breeze!”

Fifth Third Field. Downtown Toledo. Source: http://www.baseballpilgrimages.com

I am a big fan of baseball games. I love the food (even if it wreaks havoc on your arteries). Watching the post-game fireworks after Saturday night games are a sight to behold. Don’t forget the people watching! I get a kick out of seeing little kids running around with their baseball gloves and old guys keeping track of the game stats.

I am not, however, a big fan of high temperatures. Today’s high? 100 degrees. So against my better¬†judgement, we’re heading to the ball park tonight. Go Hens!

I will most likely end up looking like a sweaty mess but the yellow cake batter ice cream and cotton candy are totally worth it.


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