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Review: Buona Terra

For our first anniversary, Jeff and I took a little road trip to the tourist trap known as Frankenmuth where we discovered the most annoying place on earth – Bronner’s Christmas Store.  Our second anniversary was spent apart; I was living in Chicago and Jeff still in Toledo. I almost ended up spending our third anniversary in North Carolina for work but thanks to a last minute scheduling conflict, that trip was cancelled. Huzzah! Jeff knows the way to my heart and suggested we visit a little Italian restaurant that is a short walk from our apartment. Buona Terra.

We started off the meal with a bottle of merlot/cabernet sauvignon blend and a basket full of warm bread. A garlic, parmesan spread accompanied the bread and oh. my. word. I could have eaten a bowl of that goodness by itself. It wasn’t long before our attentive waiter brought out our appetizer…

Prosciutto e Mozzarella alla Ferri (wrapped mozzarella with prosciutto grilled and served over mixed greens and balsamic vinegar)

Prosciutto is my newest foodie obsession so ordering this was a no brainer. Fantastic. Gooey, melty mozzarella wrapped in a perfectly grilled piece of prosciutto.  I die.  The mixed greens didn’t add much to the dish and I would not have missed them if they were not included.

Moving on…

Jeff’s Dinner: Pollo Afumicatto (sauteed chicken breast with smoked mozzarella in a tomato and smoked bacon sauce served with pesto mashed potatoes)

Bacon makes everything better. The addition of pesto the mashed potatoes was a nice twist.  The combination of these two ingredients made up for the rather plain (although tasty) chicken.

My dinner: Melanzana alla Emilia Romana (almond breaded eggplant topped with carmelized onions and goat cheese served with tomato sauce and basil)

I am usually hesitant when ordering eggplant, mostly because it ends up looking like a chicken cutlet (too much breading!) or a watery mess. This eggplant entry did not disappoint.  The eggplant slices were thick and meaty. The almond breading was top notch and its texture added a nice contrast to the eggplant’s flesh.  The onions and goat cheese worked well together, adding another dimension of flavor to this dish.

Dessert: Tiramisu

Nothing is more disappointing than soggy tiramisu. I am happy to report this was not the case with Buona Terra’s classic Italian dessert.  Creamy, light and delicious.

To sum it up, Buona Terra is a winner.  It isn’t the best Italian restaurant I’ve been to but because of its location, wine selection and the thoughtfullness and care put into each element of our meal, this cozy little restaurant has earned a place in our “eating out” rotation. Grazie.


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