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A Quick Update…

After five months of job hunting, sending out ninety-seven resumes and collecting unemployment for nine weeks, I received a job offer last week.  Huzzah!  I started this past Monday.  Hurray for getting a paycheck and health insurance!  But boo to not having eight plus hours a day to sew, design, paint and mess around on the interwebs.

I scored a marketing gig with a company who refurbishes and recycles left over paper materials from paper manufacturers then turns around and sells these materials to label printers and a bunch of other types of companies.  I have transitioned from working with record labels to adhesive labels.  lol.

I am going to do my best to regularly contribute to this blog so please be patient.  I haven’t forgotten you!

Have a fantastic holiday weekend everyone.


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Etsy Find of the Day!

This, my friends, is genius.  Genius I say!  An eco-friendly pet bed that reuses your old pillows as well as material recycled from PET containers and post industrial polyester waste.  And it’s adorable.  Be sure to check out anniessweatshop and browse through all the pet related creations she has for sale.

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