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A Quick Update…

After five months of job hunting, sending out ninety-seven resumes and collecting unemployment for nine weeks, I received a job offer last week.  Huzzah!  I started this past Monday.  Hurray for getting a paycheck and health insurance!  But boo to not having eight plus hours a day to sew, design, paint and mess around on the interwebs.

I scored a marketing gig with a company who refurbishes and recycles left over paper materials from paper manufacturers then turns around and sells these materials to label printers and a bunch of other types of companies.  I have transitioned from working with record labels to adhesive labels.  lol.

I am going to do my best to regularly contribute to this blog so please be patient.  I haven’t forgotten you!

Have a fantastic holiday weekend everyone.


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Paper Nerd Alert!

If I had a million dollars, a decent percentage of that money would be spent on paper goods.  Notebooks, cards, stationary – I love it all.  Always have.  So when I found madebykeli’s Etsy store earlier today, my little heart skipped a beat or two.  This screenprinted set of five cards really caught my eye: Pearl Blue Elephant Fun.  How adorable!

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