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My Favorite Things (This Week)

Screenprint from Etsy seller beethings.

Looking at this makes me 1) want to go swimming and 2) chow down on some Goldfish crackers. In all seriousness, beethings has a lot of adorable nature screenprints for sale. Check ’em out!


New Pornographers “Your Hands (Together)”

New tunes from one of my favorite bands. Yes!


I’m a Dog Person T-shirt

Truer words have never been spoken, not that I need a t-shirt to make this declaration. I’m pretty sure strangers already know this about me when they see stray white and black fur on my coat, scarf, sweater, etc.


An acrylic painting from Etsy seller Ummimi.

Bold lines, warm colors and floral patterns. I want it. Now.


For my fellow font nerds:

Be sure to visit The League of Moveable Type for more open source fonts.


Tofino, British Columbia

I want to go to there…


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Procrastination At Its Finest…

It has been two years, seven months and seven days since I put on a a white dress and said “I Do” (that sentence makes me sound like Jim Dale, no?  Oh, Pushing Daisies, how I miss you already).  One would think that with the 950 days that have passed since that blissful day, I should have had more than enough time to put together a wedding album.  HA!  Procrastination is my middle name.  It’s a shame, really; our pictures are fantastic and our photographer, PiNK Photojournalism, is all kinds of awesome.  Plus, I kind of promised my mother and mother-in-law their own albums for Christmas two years, seven months and six days ago.  Better late than never, right?

If’n Books + Mark (via IndieFixx.com) has some very handsome, handcrafted options: Circle Buttonhole and Corace.  They also have a whole collection of journals and other books, paper products and odds and ends.  Each book is made by hand using vintage and contemporary equipment. I like!

The Newport and the Newbury albums at Kolo also caught my eye.  Clean and contemporary.  Plus, they don’t scream, “Tulle! Doves! Rice! Jordan Almonds!”  That is a definite bonus.  Hmm, that Hudson album is handsome as well.

Then there is this little gem I found over at Paper Source.  Quirky?  Yes.  Unique?  I believe so.  Quality?  Paper Source has not let me down… yet.

See why this project has taken me so long to start?  I can’t even decide on which album to use.  Can you imagine how long it will take me to choose which pictures to include?  At this rate, I *might* have this finished by our tenth anniversary.

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Paper Nerd Alert!

If I had a million dollars, a decent percentage of that money would be spent on paper goods.  Notebooks, cards, stationary – I love it all.  Always have.  So when I found madebykeli’s Etsy store earlier today, my little heart skipped a beat or two.  This screenprinted set of five cards really caught my eye: Pearl Blue Elephant Fun.  How adorable!

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