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Make a List, Check It Twice

Every year around this time, my in-laws ask me for my Christmas wish list. I’m still not used to this whole “wish list” thing. In my family, we each received three gifts (just like the Baby Jesus – my mom thinks she is so clever). Those three gifts consisted of two “practical” gifts (like gloves, socks, manicure/pedicure supplies, etc.) and one “super special” gift. For example, one year I got an electric guitar (She’s a red Les Paul named Ruby, by the way). Anyways, I’m prepared this year! Below you’ll find my holiday “wish list.”

***Full Disclosure: No one is paying to write these quick reviews or to say particular things in it***

Sewing 101 Beginner Workshop, The Needle Shop

I have been tooling around with my Swinger sewing machine for a few years now but I am not as comfortable with it as I like. I’ve mentioned my love for The Needle Shop previously and would welcome any reason to spend time there. Not only does The Needle Shop have a large variety of designer fabrics available, they also offer a diverse line up of classes.

Shawl Collar Sweater, The Gap

One reason I love winter? Sweaters. Depending when you ask me, I would say that sweaters are my favorite article of clothing. I love the combination of compfy/cozy and simple sophistication. I especially love the versatile sleeves (they can fold up or left down). Perfect for those “office temperature” feuds.

Leaves Fragrance Oil, Bath & Body Works

My sisters got my hooked on this fragrance oil. Love. Any description I attempt to write would not do this lovely little jar justice. If I will say that if I had to bottle up fall/winter/the holidays, this is what it would smell like.

Metallic Dots Rubber Boots, Chooka

I somehow managed to survive my first Chicago winter without a proper winter coat or boots. I am NOT making that mistake again. These rubber boots are tall enough, wide enough and cute enough for me!

iPop Owl Magnets, The Paper Source

I am a complete sucker for stationary and organization supplies. Given an unlimited budget, I could do some serious monetary damage at The Paper Source. These owl magnets will keep my urge at bay.

Expedit Shelving Unit, IKEA

More geeky organization stuff. This little storage case is perfect for organizing yarn and fabric. The square compartments allow you to organize your materialize (color coded!) without hiding it away. You can easily see what you have.

Sponsor an Animal, Best Friends Animal Society

I could not end my list without some sort of dog-related item. Best Friends is an organization that I have admired for a long time. The work the sanctuary does is amazing. They take in animals of all shapes, sizes and species. Best Friends has a Sponsor an Animal program in which you can sponsor an animal of your choice for $25. Last year, I sponsored an elderly border collie mix. I am thinking about an elderly beagle for this year, just to keep things even.

What about you? What’s on your wish list? What traditions do you and/or family practice? Share them in the comments section. Don’t be shy!


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Paper Nerd Alert!

If I had a million dollars, a decent percentage of that money would be spent on paper goods.  Notebooks, cards, stationary – I love it all.  Always have.  So when I found madebykeli’s Etsy store earlier today, my little heart skipped a beat or two.  This screenprinted set of five cards really caught my eye: Pearl Blue Elephant Fun.  How adorable!

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