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Things’ll Be Great When You’re Downtown

Downtown is dead. That’s what most people will tell you if you ask them about downtown Toledo. They will say that outside of Mud Hens or Walleye games, there’s nothing to do or see.

Au contraire, mon ami.

As a matter of fact, there is quite a bit of action happening Thursday and Friday evenings this week.

Etsy Craft Party (etsycraftpartytoledo.wordpress.com)

This is the first Etsy craft party to happen in Toledo. Area crafters and artisans will have their wares on display at Gallerie 333 (part of Toledo School for the Arts) as part of The Arts Commission of Greater Toledo’s Thursday Art Walk. Speaking of which…

Thursday Art Walk (www.acgt.org)

It’s the third Art Walk of the summer! The Art Walk gives area residents a prime opportunity to explore downtown Toledo and visit locally owned galleries and business as well as purchase and support area artists. The Art Walk takes place between 6 – 9 pm. A map of the participating galleries and other spaces can be found here.

Art Depo Grand Opening (artsupplydepo.com)

Also folded in with the Art Walk is the grand opening of a new art supply store in the Warehouse District. I have been looking forward to the opening of this store for months and can’t wait to visit! RSVP for their grand opening party on Facebook.

Downtown SoundTrek (www.acgt.org)

Another brand new event! Downtown Toledo will be turned into an audial smorgasbord this Friday. Thirteen venues will be hosting non-stop musical treat, featuring over 30 live musical acts —  rock, pop,  hip-hop, folk and bluegrass, blues, jazz, country, DJ & dance music.

Wristbands are $15 through Thursday, $20 the day of. You can purchase wristbands online or at any of the participating venues:

  • Attic on Adams
  • The Blarney Bullpen
  • Bozarts Gallery
  • Bretz
  • Glass City Café
  • Manhattans Restaurant
  • Ottawa Tavern
  • Pizza Papalis
  • Table Forty4
  • Toledo School for the Arts
  • Toledo City Paper
  • Truth Art Gallery
  • Wesley’s Bar

Downtown SoundTrek runs from 7 PM – 1 AM. More info on the event can be found here. RSVP for SoundTrek on Facebook.


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Around Town: Garage Sales, Dogs, Jazz and Cherries

Old Orchard. West Toledo, Ohio.

Tomorrow is the Old Orchard Neighborhood Garage Sale. If (and this is a BIG if) we ever decide to move somewhere else in the Toledo, Old Orchard is high on my list of possible new ‘hoods. The location is great and the eclectic mix of home designs adds diversity on an aesthetic level.

Old Orchard Neighborhood Garage Sale

  • Saturday, June 11, 2011
  • 9:00 am — 3:00 pm

For more info on the garage sale, visit the Facebook Event page.

Here are some other event staking place in the Toledo region this weekend:

*100% of the monies raised at the Blues & Jazz Festival will go directly to help feed the hungry in Lucas, Fulton, Wood, Henry, Williams, Defiance, Sandusky and Ottawa counties.

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The Hen House is Rockin’ Tonight

*An email conversation with Jeff*

Me: “Would you rather have Mud Hens tickets for tomorrow night or Wednesday? Both games start at 7.”

Jeff: *crickets*

Me: “I grabbed the ones for Wednesday. Hope that works for you!”

Jeff: “Possibly the hottest day of the year.  I hope there’s a breeze!”

Fifth Third Field. Downtown Toledo. Source: http://www.baseballpilgrimages.com

I am a big fan of baseball games. I love the food (even if it wreaks havoc on your arteries). Watching the post-game fireworks after Saturday night games are a sight to behold. Don’t forget the people watching! I get a kick out of seeing little kids running around with their baseball gloves and old guys keeping track of the game stats.

I am not, however, a big fan of high temperatures. Today’s high? 100 degrees. So against my better judgement, we’re heading to the ball park tonight. Go Hens!

I will most likely end up looking like a sweaty mess but the yellow cake batter ice cream and cotton candy are totally worth it.

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On Tap: Old West End Festival

One of the many great traditions in Toledo is the annual Old West End Festival. The Old West End is an historic landmark consisting of twenty-five blocks containing the largest collections of Victorian homes in the country. I would consider it a living museum, featuring examples of Colonial, Georgian, Italian Renaissance, Queen Ann, Dutch Colonial and Arts and Crafts styled homes. My first apartment was in the Old West End, near the Toledo Museum of Art (pictured above).

The Old West End Festival has something for everyone. Home tours for the curious. A parade that  includes art cars, marching bands, performance art as well as King Wamba and Queen Sancha. I personally enjoy the art fair as well as the yard sales that pop up in the morning. Don’t forget the food! Lots of good food that’s bad for you.

The Old West End is a richly diverse neighborhood and this yearly festival is a great opportunity for area residents to see what makes OWE so incredibly special.

For more information, be sure to visit:

On Facebook:

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Shopping Local: Crave Jewelry Design

I’ve long admired Crave Jewelry. Actually, her shop on Etsy was my first introduction to the site. Her designs are fun, whimsical and a little edgy. For example, take a look at this little sterling silver brontosaurus necklace. I want him.

To see more Crave Jewelry, visit her Etsy shop: Crave Jewelry Design.

Crave Jewelry Designs is also on Facebook!

Sterling Brontosaurus Necklace

UPDATED: Coincidently, Crave has a deal today on Heartsy. $18 for $42 Online Store Credit. 



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Sorry. Lot full.

Parking lot located in downtown Toledo, OH

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You Will Do Better In Toledo

Home is a place you grow up wanting to leave and grow old wanting to get back. — John Ed Pearce

Toledo Ohio Skyline

Home sweet home.

Wow. The last time I shared something with you was back in August of 2010? That’s unacceptable. I do I have my reasons, however. Well, one HUGE reason and a couple of smaller ones. After spending a little over two years in The City of Big Shoulders, I packed up the dogs and moved back to good ol’ Toledo.

Chicago wasn’t done with me. Over the last six months, the husband and I have lived in two different states while he looked for employment here in Toledo. There were a lot of four hour road trips back and forth on I-80/I-90 through all kinds of weather (rain, sleet, snow, sunshine, etc.). I am happy to share that the husband and I are once again cohabitating under the same roof. And I am once again eating like an adult (no more mac and cheese from a box or Trader Joe’s O’s for this girl). I lucked out in the “husband loves to cook” department.

Do I miss Chicago? Yes. However, the city was kind enough to send me a going away present. Back in November, I received a bright orange ticket in the mail for a parking violation that took place in December ’10. Thanks, Chicago Department of Revenue!

Even though I miss Chicago, I am happy to be back in Ohio. I was one of those kids who couldn’t wait to get the hell out of dodge and move far, far away from home. “Anything has got to be better than here,” I would tell myself. Growing up surrounded by cornfields, cows and farm equipment can do that to you. Living amongst the hustle and  bustle of a major metropolis made me realize just what a gem this corner of Ohio truly is.

I am proud to call myself a Toledoan. I appreciate my blue collar upbringing. I love being a Midwestern and an advocate for the Rust Belt.

So what does all of this have to do with the blog? This move has effected the nature and purpose of Sirius B Studio. SBS was originally intended to showcase my crafting projects. Eventually a split happened. During my blog hiatus, I spent a lot of time knitting and designing. This led to the development of Little Hound Designs.

Going forward, I am envisioning this digital space as a venue to support and feature artisans in the Northwest Ohio/Southeast Michigan area. My other hope is that something physical will manifest from all this. My dream? An space that offers the creative community of Toledo a haven to develop their work and hone their craft, much like the Russell Industrial Center in Detroit.

So there you have it. A not-so tiny update on where I have been. What about you? Have you ever moved away only to find yourself back where you started? Were you happy or sad about that? Would you be interested in having your work showcased here at Sirius B Studio?

And more importantly, where were you when Snowpocalypse 2011 happened? I was getting my hair cut. The husband was smack dab in the middle of it in Chicago. His pictures of the aftermath are all kinds of awesomesauce.


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