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Time Really Does Fly By (When You’re Having Fun)

Where the hell did summer go?  I know, I know.  I’ve been neglecting my writing duties but I have some pretty good reasons.  I started a new job!

My crafting was also put on the back burner.  My craft time has been eaten up by all the paper goods I have been designing and assembling for my cousin’s early October wedding all summer.  I’ll share pics, I promise!

It seemed like we had friends and family visit us every other weekend, too.  Don’t get me wrong, I love showing the city to these very special people and it has been beneficial to us as well.  Free concerts in Millenium Park, architecture tours, museum exhibits, killer shows and good eats.  Have I mentioned how much I love Chicago?

Oh, and we’re moving.  Again.  The new place is twice as big as our current apartment but we’re also getting a roommate.  I’ve convinced one of my sisters to move here.  Yes!

Somehow during this busy and hectic summer, I found the time to dream up and sketch some new items for Sirius B.  I’ve got lots of goodies planned – dogs toys and collars, comfy scarves and funky hair accessories, stationary and pet portraits and much more.  I can’t wait for that Midwest winter to hit so I can hole up and actually get some work done.  I’ll update you here as new goodies become available.  You can always visit my Etsy shop, too: http://siriusbstudio.etsy.com.  Oh, and you can find Sirius B on Facebook.  And Twitter.

I promise, I will post again and it won’t take me two months to do so.


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A Quick Update…

After five months of job hunting, sending out ninety-seven resumes and collecting unemployment for nine weeks, I received a job offer last week.  Huzzah!  I started this past Monday.  Hurray for getting a paycheck and health insurance!  But boo to not having eight plus hours a day to sew, design, paint and mess around on the interwebs.

I scored a marketing gig with a company who refurbishes and recycles left over paper materials from paper manufacturers then turns around and sells these materials to label printers and a bunch of other types of companies.  I have transitioned from working with record labels to adhesive labels.  lol.

I am going to do my best to regularly contribute to this blog so please be patient.  I haven’t forgotten you!

Have a fantastic holiday weekend everyone.

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