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One thousand and ninety five days.

Patient. Smart. Kind.

Understanding. Helpful.

Did I mention patient?

Without you, I would be overtipping or undertipping every waiter in the city. Who would take me to the emergency room when I walk into glass doors, step on rakes or slice an appendage or two?

You are my rock. You keep me sane. You inspire me to be a better person.

So here’s to three years of marriage.  May we celebrate many more.

Happy anniversary, babe. Cheers.


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Procrastination At Its Finest…

It has been two years, seven months and seven days since I put on a a white dress and said “I Do” (that sentence makes me sound like Jim Dale, no?  Oh, Pushing Daisies, how I miss you already).  One would think that with the 950 days that have passed since that blissful day, I should have had more than enough time to put together a wedding album.  HA!  Procrastination is my middle name.  It’s a shame, really; our pictures are fantastic and our photographer, PiNK Photojournalism, is all kinds of awesome.  Plus, I kind of promised my mother and mother-in-law their own albums for Christmas two years, seven months and six days ago.  Better late than never, right?

If’n Books + Mark (via IndieFixx.com) has some very handsome, handcrafted options: Circle Buttonhole and Corace.  They also have a whole collection of journals and other books, paper products and odds and ends.  Each book is made by hand using vintage and contemporary equipment. I like!

The Newport and the Newbury albums at Kolo also caught my eye.  Clean and contemporary.  Plus, they don’t scream, “Tulle! Doves! Rice! Jordan Almonds!”  That is a definite bonus.  Hmm, that Hudson album is handsome as well.

Then there is this little gem I found over at Paper Source.  Quirky?  Yes.  Unique?  I believe so.  Quality?  Paper Source has not let me down… yet.

See why this project has taken me so long to start?  I can’t even decide on which album to use.  Can you imagine how long it will take me to choose which pictures to include?  At this rate, I *might* have this finished by our tenth anniversary.

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